Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pee standing up

Most girls can pee standing up, and have tried to at some point in their lives, but when actually doing so find it difficult to control the stream of urine or aim it properly. So they prefer not to pee standing up unless in a desperate situation; like an unsanitary bacteria-infested public restroom! It's icky sitting on yellow toilet seats even after you've covered them with toilet paper. But even if women choose to pee standing up, there are differences in anatomy and the angle of the urethra tube that make the experience messy for some. Dirty restrooms are not the only place that girls would secretly like to pee standing up.

When girls are outdoors trekking or camping, sitting down to pee is inconvenient and also unsafe in the wild, because of snakes, scorpions and other creepy-crawlies. It is also undignified to pull down your pants and squat in the nude. Women who take part in winter activities like skiing or snowboarding, wear many layers of clothing,

There are many devices in the market that help women to pee standing up; in the UK there is the Whiz a reusable funnel made from flexible anti-bacterial plastic. It was launched at the Isle of Wright festival in 2004, to allow female members of the huge crowds to pee in the open, just like their male counterparts. Then there is the Freshette, the TravelMate, and the Magic Cone; the last is from Japan and is becoming extremely popular in Europe and other places.

The Magic Cone is built to allow women with different slants of the urethra to aim their pee correctly. It is also shaped to fit any body size...and you don't need to pull down your undies. Just slide the cone or funnel beneath them from one side. Even though the Magic Cone, and other devices, are washable and reusable women don't like the idea of carrying them in their handbags once they've been used. It's icky and gets smelly after being used many times!

While on the topic of peeing, many girls are confused about their anatomy and believe that urine is passed from the vaginal opening! Pee actually comes out of the urethra, which is a tiny slit above the vagina, but below the clitoris. The other issue with female urination is hygiene. Because female anatomy places the vaginal and anal openings close together, the chance of developing urinary tract infection from the bacteria in stool is higher among women than men. Prevention methods for urinary tract disease include proper hygiene, wiping from front to back, emptying the bladder after sexual intercourse and drinking plenty of fluids.

If you've ever tried to pee standing up, you have at least one famous girl who also admits to doing that. American actress Eliza Dushku who grew up with three older brothers:

Eliza Dushku

Eliza told Teen Hollywood: "I thought I was a boy till I was 10 years old. I used to pee like a boy and wear my hair cut like a boy. When my father would take us to the ball games at Fenway (park) we'd all go in and use the urinals!"