Friday, March 27, 2009

Kissing is healthy kissing is fun

sensitive lips

Kissing is a very intimate act for girls. The lips have a large number of nerve-endings and a very thin membrane, making them 100 times more sensitive than finger tips. The effect of kissing can be electric! Girls give importance to smooth, soft lips for kissing and are turned off by dry or cracked lips in their partners. Kissing is so important for the female sex that women are able to tell if a guy is genetically suitable for a relationship by the quality of his first kiss.

First kisses are memorable experiences.......Taylor Swift sang about her first kiss! The science of kissing is called philematology although scientists are still not sure how it all began. There are theories that kissing may have evolved from breast-feeding or from caveman-era mothers chewing food and giving it to their babies.

Kissing is healthy. The nerve-endings in the lips trigger a reaction from the brain which releases feel-good endorphins. Kissing also increases the heart-rate, dilates the blood vessels and reduces stress. 30 facial muscles are used in working the lips during kissing, which burns 26 calories in one minute. There are more chances of catching an infection from shaking hands than from kissing. In fact only certain types of mouth ulcers, like canker sores, can be passed on through kissing.

couple kissing

Although this couple have tilted their heads left, most people tilt their heads to the right when kissing. Some other statistics: according to a Canadian study 97% of women close their eyes while kissing compared to only 37% of men. Most people have their first kiss before the age of 14. Women keep measuring the health of their relationships from the frequency and duration of the kisses from their men.

Girls are okay with locking lips, and with gently biting or sucking on them. Boys want wet kisses, exchanging saliva and using their tongues. But unless you clean your tongue and keep it pink and healthy don't go jabbing it into your girlfriend's mouth. And never on the first few kisses! Bad breath comes from a dirty tongue and is a major turn-off for kissing.

Kissing is not just about romance and relationships; it is a way of showing love and affection, of social bonding. We kiss out pets and we kiss our family members. Hugging and kissing on the cheeks is a non-sexual way of sharing love between family members:

Bar Refaeli kissed by brother

Gorgeous Israeli model Bar Refaeli gets a smooch on the cheek from her older brother Neal.