Monday, April 13, 2009

Pretty feet for health and sex appeal

Shannon Elizabeth bare feet

The sexy actress Shannon Elizabeth has two body parts with 19 muscles, 26 bones, 33 joints, and 107 ligaments each. Her pretty feet! All women like to have their feet clean and pretty, because they expose them while wearing heels and sandals. Women and girls enjoy pampering their feet with pedicures and massages for the relaxation it gives them. Female feet have very sensitive nerve endings, which makes them erogenous zones in lovemaking, and pretty feet heighten a woman's sex-appeal. But taking care of your feet is also important for general health.

Most feet problems come with old age, like arthritic joint pain, thinning of fat pads cushioning the soles, inflammation, and bunions. However if you're obese these problems can strike in your 20s and 30s. Diabetes is one disease that reduces the sensation in the feet and causes skin problems to develop unnoticed. Diabetics cannot feel scratches and blisters in the feet, and because of poor circulation and distance from the heart such wounds on the feet don't heal fast enough, leading in many cases to amputation. Diabetics should have their feet examined annually by a doctor and avoid tight-fitting shoes.

Wearing heels enhances female sex appeal but too many inches worn for too long creates severe problems for the feet. Podiatrists recommend wearing heels that are no more than two inches. Conditions like flat feet and high arches bring their own problems; those with flat feet develop weak muscles and stretched tendons, causing tendinitis and arthritis. They should wear specially designed footwear that supports the arch and heel. People with high arches in their feet should wear roomy shoes with softer padding to ease the impact on the balls and heels of their feet.

In summer keeping feet in shoes and socks, specially cotton socks, for too long creates moisture from all the sweat and fungal infections develop on your pretty feet. The feet have more sweat glands than your underarms. Therefore let your feet breathe when you're home, use anti-fungal powders, and wear moisture-absorbing socks and airy shoes. For healthy feet the best exercise is walking——in fact walking bare foot around your house, or on grass, improves circulation and helps make your feet strong and flexible. There are other exercises for taking care of the feet: wiggle your toes, do foot circles (rotate the feet right and left from the ankles), stretch your toes back using your hands, and gently massage your feet.

foot soakfoot creamtoenail polish

To get pretty feet trim overgrown nails with a clipper and file away the rough edges. Smooth your nails further and make them shiny with a buffing block. Soak your feet in warm water filled with scented soak to make them soft for 5-10 minutes. Don't soak them for too long as this can destroy the natural oils. Next exfoliate, remove dead and rough skin, from the soles of your feet with a pumice stone or file. This reveals fresh new skin and also helps to boost circulation in the feet.

Cuticles are that part of the skin from which the nails grow. They protect the nail from bacteria, but sometimes press the nail down. Therefore use a cuticle remover and a cuticle stick to push them back into their nail beds. Then moisturize your feet with a foot cream, and remove any cream that comes on the toenails using polish remover. Apply a base coat on the nails to prevent them turning yellow, wait for one minute and then apply polish brushing from left to right. Apply one more coat after a gap of two minutes. Now you have clean healthy feet with smooth skin and pretty toenails!


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