Sunday, May 30, 2010

Erika Christensen happy with her curves

Erika Christensen, who stars as working mom Julia on NBC's hit show Parenthood, is a girl with curves among a galaxy of skinny Hollywood actresses. She hit the big time playing the drug-addicted daughter of Michael Douglas in Traffic. Erika also appeared in teen movies like Swimfan and The Perfect Score, and thrillers like Riding the Bullet and How to Rob a Bank. In an interview with Women's Wear Daily, Erika Christensen talked of her food habits:
"I know lots of people who eat raw, vegetarian or vegan. I'm not into any of those things. I believe in eating enough so your body will actually run," she says, biting into a goat cheese and spinach sandwich. "People look their most beautiful when they're healthy." She then pops a handful of vitamins, which she washes down with plenty of tea.

Erika Christensen is into curvy fashion and says that she likes the designer Roland Mouret: "I love his clothes because he cuts for a woman's body. I'm not straight up and down. I have curves." A quick look at some of Erika's other interviews shows that she does Yoga, works out in gyms, and is into dancing. I'd love to know some more details of how she stays in shape despite being such a happy eater! Oh and Christensen in very Eco-friendly. She does not use disposable plastic bottles for her drinking water, and carries two big gallon-size refillable containers. "People make fun of me because I carry them around. And I ride my bicycle sometimes and I walk."


Gerald M. said...

Yes, her curves are stunningly beautiful. When she's on screen, I can't take my eyes off her. She looks like ladies should look, a healthy body size, it harkens back to the 60's, when curvy beauties were not only in vogue, it was an ideal to shoot for. Sticks and twigs are for trees, not body shapes.Keep those wonderful curves, Erika, you are very sexy.

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