Sunday, December 26, 2010

Victoria Justice high energy girl

Giving a taste of her dancing and singing abilities, Victorious star Victoria Justice performed in her first music video Freak the Freak Out with her cast mates: "The atmosphere was a lot of fun. The whole cast was there and it was like one big party. I loved the choreography and I love the song. It has such high energy that it'll make you want to get up and dance. I really hope everyone loves it." Justice, who also sings and dances on her TV show, described her taste in music to Justine magazine: "My musical style is pop with a little bit of rock."

Left, Victoria Justice all warm and cozy in the Winter 2010-2011 issue of Glitter magazine. Victoria is a part-Latina girl originally from Florida and told Girls' Life magazine: "The beaches there are crystal clear, and the water is so much warmer. When you go to the oceans in California, you feel like you're stepping into the Arctic." Right, Victoria Justice in Seventeen magazine supporting the 'Girl Up' program: "I've always been interested in what life is like for girls in other countries.....Girl Up helps fund programs that get girls into school, teaches them how to use computers, and provides them with a yearly health checkup. American girls can be forces of change by spreading the word and recruiting others to help."

5'5½" tall Victoria Justice started out as a model and her first ad was for Ovaltine. Here Victoria Justice promotes the 'Got Milk' campaign. Describing her diet and eating habits to Popeater, Justice says: "I wouldn't consider myself a 'foodie,' because I'm not an expert on gourmet cuisine, but I do love to eat. I just enjoy really good food. It can be as simple as a perfect strawberry or a steak cooked just right. Some of my favorite things to eat are lamb chops with mint green jelly, roasted red pepper hummus with pita bread, and chocolate cream pie with real whipped cream. What can I say? I find eating to be one of the great pleasures in life. Also, there's nothing better than sharing a great meal with people you love, like on Thanksgiving." People make this comparison all the time but Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev barely look alike!

Victoria Justice in the December 2010 issue of Zooey magazine. Obviously the skinny body of Victoria Justice comes from all that high energy dancing, and Victoria will be doing more of that singing and dancing in the future. "As the show continues, I would love to focus on my solo career. I know so many people are doing that right now - you can't escape all the new teen singers - but I really do love music." And by the way, Victoria Justice's bare feet aren't just pretty. She told Girl's Life about her excellent reflexes and talents of different body parts: "I can pick up anything with my toes, including small things like pennies. And I can do the eyebrow wave, where I make my eyebrows move in a slow wave like the ocean. And this one is the weirdest ever. I'm really good at catching flies. My reflexes are good. I just lurk and get them."


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