Friday, February 8, 2013

Isabeli Fontana diet and fitness

Beautiful Isabeli Fontana drinking water sweetened with 'Zero Cal' at the Bahia Carnival in her native Brazil this week. The 29-year old began her modeling career at age 14.

Isabeli Fontana out on a bike ride. And below, Isabeli Fontana with her close friend Ana Beatriz Barros backstage at the MTV Fashionably Loud 2002 event:

Both Brazilian girls took part in the 1996 Elite Model Look competition.....Ana Beatriz Barros is 5'11" tall while Isabeli Fontana is 5'9". Isabeli Fontana has a figure of 34 inch breasts, 23.5 waist, and 35.5 hips. Isabeli Fontana is of Italian heritage and enjoys eating chocolate, pizza, potatoes, cassava, fried egg, rice and beans. She makes it a point not to eat late in the night. After her first pregnancy Isabeli was advised by a nutritionist to eat small meals several times a day, and include more grains and vegetables in her diet.

Isabeli Fontana accepts the fashion industry standards of thinness but does not believe in dieting. "I hate to go hungry," she told Melee magazine, adding that she prefers to workout with weight training, Pilates, and 30 minutes of aerobic activity like running or cycling. Isabeli confesses that she has a team to help her balance motherhood and career, including a driver, an agent, a personal assistant and a trainer. Lately Fontana is trying out the MuayThai martial art for a change in her fitness routine.
Isabeli Fontana is a stand up paddleboarding enthusiast. Seen here with her sons Lucas and Zion. She got married at an early age but is now a single mom. As a young girl Isabeli Fontana suffered from dry skin and acne, so now she always drinks plenty of water and eats fruit like watermelon and pineapple, to cleanse her body of toxins.